taipei 101

Hiking the Four Beasts of Taipei

A leisurely hike turned into something a bit more strenuous when I was invited on a trek through the Four Beasts of Taipei that included Elephant Mountain, Tiger Mountain, and 9-5 Peak.

Craft Beer to Warm Up in Montreal

A trip to Montreal would not be complete without a bit of bar hopping to sample Quebec's craft beer. There's plenty to drink along the way.
shanghai lanterns

Happy Year of the Dog

This year begins the Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar. During my first year in China, I got to experience Spring Festival and celebrate Chinese New Year.
pasteur street beer

On Drinking with Locals

Travelers often want to go drinking with locals, but it isn't always easy. You have to understand the local drinking culture and have an idea of where to go.
watkins glen

Hiking through Watkins Glen

Hiking through Watkins Glen State Park in autumn. This is one of the most visited state parks in New York as it attracts visitors with its natural beauty.
montreal fireworks

Freezing into the New Year in Montreal

Spending the New Year's Eve in the frigid Canadian city of Montreal. Following the crowds to watch the festivities and fireworks along the river.

The Necessity of Subways

There's a reason I tend to travel to cities instead of more rural destinations. While I enjoy nature and all that it offers, I need to use subways. It's a necessity if I want to avoid driving.
pak ou

On a Boat to Pak Ou Caves

A morning boat ride in Luang Prabang, Laos, along the Mekong River to the Buddhist holy site Pak Ou Caves. The caves are home to about 2500 Buddha statues.
stone xocoveza

Booze Review: Stone Xocoveza

Xocoveza is Stone Brewing's take on Mexican hot chocolate in beer form. It's a smooth and wonderful blend of chocolate, coffee, and winter spices.
xmas taipei

Celebrating an Expat Christmas

Celebrating holidays away from home can be difficult and, for some, stressful. And while I don't celebrate Christmas, I have taken part in activities in some countries.
garbage toy

Finding Different Products in Taiwan

I enjoy finding products that are different when I travel. Sometimes I find unusual/amusing products. Here are some different products from Taiwan.
travel list

You Have to Travel to All These Places

The travel bucket list articles are getting out of hand and it's time to make them stop. We don't need lists of 50 or 100 places to travel.
datanla waterfall

Stuck in an Elevator at Datanla Waterfall

A trip to Datanla Waterfall in Dalat, Vietnam. An escape from the tourist crowd leads to getting stuck in an elevator in nature.
travel cat

Traveler Holiday Gift Picks

It's holiday shopping season, so here's a list of traveler gift picks to help you find the right gift for the traveler on your list.
korean food

What Did I Eat in Korea?

It's not easy to tell people about what I ate in Korea because I don't speak Korean. But the Korean food I ate was delicious.