Dalat Market

Eating Everything in Dalat, Vietnam

Wandering around Dalat, Vietnam, in search of the best local delicacies from street vendors and restaurants.
korean food

What Did I Eat in Korea?

It's not easy to tell people about what I ate in Korea because I don't speak Korean. But the Korean food I ate was delicious.
tsuruoka food

Farm-to-Table Tours in Japan’s Only UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy

Enjoy a seasonal dinner at Japan's premier organic farm-to-table restaurant NAA Farmer's Restaurant in Tsuruoka, a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.

Eating on the Street in Yogyakarta

The secondary purpose of my trip to Yogyakarta was to eat as much Indonesian food as possible. But three days in the city just wasn't enough to eat it all.
sardine can vancouver

Bites & Brews in Vancouver

Enjoying the food and beer that Vancouver has to offer during a 21-hour layover. All local brews and some amazing tapas, plus poutine.
taichung donut taiwan

Tasting Taichung’s Most Expensive Donut

On a trip through Taichung, Taiwan, I stopped at CJSJ, a fancy pastry shop known for their chocolate and run by a Michelin star chef, for a donut.
spring rolls laos

Eating through Vientiane

Vientiane provided my introduction to Laotian cuisine. It was a great sampling of refreshing and spicy food that made me crave more.

In Search of Traditional Japanese Food in Tokyo

For my fourth time in Tokyo, I sought out the best Japanese food I could. Sure, I'd visit places I hadn't previously seen, but food was the priority.

What to Eat in Bagan

While getting stuck in Bagan for a few extra days, I was able to sample more than my share of local Burmese culinary delicacies.

Home Cooking: Fish cakes

Cooking an expat meal of fish cakes. A healthy, easy, and tasty dinner for anyone.

My No Good, Very Bad Weekend in Tainan

I've never experienced such a dislike for a place before, and it's unsettling to admit it, but I hope to never return to Tainan.
singapore food

Eating Cheap in Singapore

I planned on eating my way through Singapore, though the plan was to eat on the cheap because I didn't want to spend money I wasn't making.

Short Stay in Phnom Penh

“Behind them were the lights of the market, the lanterns and candles and witch-lights and fairy glitter, like a dream of the night sky...

A Very Taipei Thanksgiving

"Turkey: A large bird whose flesh, when eaten on certain religious anniversaries has the peculiar property of attesting piety and gratitude." - Ambrose Bierce, The...

Photos for World Food Day

"What you are eating is always the end of a very long story--and often an ingenious but delicious answer to some very complicated problems." -Anthony...