Leshan china

Traveler Reads: River Town by Peter Hessler

A traveler and former China expat's review of River Town, the first book on China by The New Yorker correspondent Peter Hessler.
reykjavik iceland

Frigid Return

I returned from Iceland last Friday and my New York metro area home decided to welcome me back with huge drop in temperature. It...
hurricane sandy

Surviving Sandy

How I survived Hurricane Sandy and the aftermath of the damage in Jersey City, New Jersey.
halifax airport

Customs of Canada

I've never had a problem with airport security or customs (I probably just jinxed myself). I've even had a couple of amusing encounters, like...
tiananmen square

On This Date…

Some things shouldn't disappear from history.
fujian tulou

In an Octopus’ Garden

We've had a few dreary days here. Fortunately, I started replanting my garden when we had those beautiful summer-like days. I still need to...

D’oh! Simpsons Aren’t in NJ

I never actually thought the Simpsons lived in Springfield, NJ. They just weren't Jersey enough--there wasn't enough profanity. After 22 years and more than 500...
bangkok thailand

I Was an Illegal Immigrant

I arrived at the Bangkok airport on an afternoon in early August 2008. My parents and I took an Air Asia flight from Penang,...
mekong river

Impressive Résumé

Reflection on the life of John Fairfax, the only man to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo in a rowboat.
tailless whip scorpion

Monster in the Bathroom

I've been in many unpleasant bathrooms in my travels--mostly of the unsanitary variety in China--but this one was rather frightening. At Sierra Llorona in Panama,...

Blogging Reboot

I'm back from a trip to Panama and motivated enough to restart my life on the internets! After six years of blogging mostly about...