Evening View from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

I‘m going to miss Tokyo when I leave in less than two weeks. I’m already planning on returning when it’s warmer (I didn’t pack appropriate clothes for winterish weather because I planned on spending the colder months in tropical destinations). I will definitely miss going out with the people I’ve met here — definitely some of the friendliest people I’ve met while traveling (and not all of them are Japanese).

tokyo japan
Technical college building in Shinjuku while waiting for friends

On Sunday, I met up with two of the four Chinese expats I met while hiking Mt. Takao. We decided to meet in Shinjuku for dinner. As it was a bit too early to eat, we walked around the area and headed for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. I’m glad my friends knew about this, because I had no idea that there was a free panoramic viewing area on the 45th floor. This is a much better deal than going to the Tokyo Sky Tree for $25, plus it’s in a more central location.tokyo metropolitan government buildingFortunately, the line for the elevator wasn’t long — I was told that it’s sometimes an hour or more wait to get in.

tokyo metropolitan government building
The Sky Tree is off in the distance

The lighting on the floor is not the best for anyone who wants to take a photo. There’s a lot of glare on the glass coming from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building souvenir shops. The restaurant looked more dimly lit for better photos, but we didn’t stay to eat there.tokyo-skyline4Even with the glare, I managed to get some decent photos by resting my camera on the ledge against the windows. In some cases, the glare worked out and provided some interesting effects.

Tokyo skyline framed in glare
Tokyo skyline framed in glare

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