In an Octopus’ Garden

We’ve had a few dreary days here. Fortunately, I started replanting my garden when we had those beautiful summer-like days. I still need to figure out what to plant in a few other pots, but I’m pretty well set so far. There’s not a lot of space here, but it’s enough for herbs and such (I’m quite the urban farmer).

With the clouds blocking the sun and the temperatures plummeting, I’ve resorted to staring at sunny garden pictures from my travels–some days they can be quite uplifting (like the one from Bali in the previous post).

Gardens at Muzium Budaya in Malacca, Malaysia
Gardens at Muzium Budaya in Malacca, Malaysia

Many of these photos in my albums remind me of quiet walks in cities. For some reason, these are the least traveled tourist destinations–or maybe I just have the pleasure of visiting when no one else is around.

Of course, exotic gardens are much more exciting than my peppers and basil. There are numerous occasions that I’ve come across plants that I can’t identify, and sometimes those plants are edible (although I still don’t know what those flowers in Fujian province are).

Not quite a garden, more of a farm in Fujian province.
Not quite a garden, more of a farm in Fujian province.

And nothing beats visiting a royal garden like the one at Doi Suthep outside Chiang Mai. I may not be all that interested in flowers, but it’s still amazing to see the variety of roses on the grounds that are almost the size of my head. It also doesn’t hurt that the walk through the garden was quiet after a motorbike ride up the mountain toward Wat Prathat Doi Suthep.


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