Frigid Return

I returned from Iceland last Friday and my New York metro area home decided to welcome me back with huge drop in temperature. It is significantly colder than it was in Iceland. I didn’t need a lot of my cold weather gear on vacation, but I certainly need it now that I’m home.

reykjavik iceland
Along the city pond in Reykjavik

I also returned to my website getting switched to a new, better host. It may be more expensive, but Omnis is a lot better than anything else out there. Unfortunately, I made some mistakes with a few updates and wiped out the entire site. Fortunately, I had a backup file that didn’t contain the last post before I left for Iceland. The photos also refused to transfer in the backup file. So, now I’m stuck manually inserting every photo from the past year (it’s tedious and I really don’t feel like doing it), which may take a while to complete.

View from the shore walk in Reykjavik
View from the shore walk in Reykjavik

Until everything is settled, I probably won’t write much about the great adventures in food, beer, and the volcanic outdoors. But at least I’ll share a little teaser for now.

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