Seoul Food

So much great food to try while going around Seoul for a couple months. Korean food is delicious with plenty of variety.
smoked duck salad italy

Eats and Drinks in Florence

Eating and drinking my way through Florence, Italy. Making stops at Mercato Centrale for food and cocktails.
perugia gelato

Italy and the Death of Diet

After two months of dieting and losing weight in Korea, I've come to Italy to face the temptation of all the foods that the country has to offer.

We All Scream for Beer Ice Cream

I'll confess, I didn't actually order beer ice cream in Taiwan. I guarantee, however, that should I move back to Taipei, I will try...
seoul fireworks

Independence Day in Seoul

Celebrating Independence Day in Seoul, South Korea, with a spicy burger and some beer in Noksapyeong with a surprise fireworks show.
kayak halong bay

Staying Healthy on the Road

Healthy traveling isn't always easy. After realizing I wasn't living a healthy lifestyle, I changed habits to make the journey better.
woljeongsa Temple

Seeking Inner Peace at a Korean Temple Stay

Getting out Seoul to find inner peace during a Korean temple stay at Woljeongsa Temple in Odaesan National Park.
dog soup korea

It May Be Healthy, But I’m Not Eating It

Travelers love talking about "comfort zones" and "getting out of" that zone, but sometimes you have to draw the line, especially when it comes to food.
taipei night market

Night Markets of Taipei

Taipei's night markets are popular with locals and tourists. They're crowded, but still the best places to find a wide variety of food.
saigon market

Eating Banh Xeo in Saigon

For all the complaining I do about Anthony Bourdain mocking me with all his recommendations that don't seem to exist, I did manage to...
com nieu saigon

Anthony Bourdain Is Mocking Me

Despite trying to find restaurants recommended by Anthony Bourdain, I found a delicious Vietnamese meal at Com Nieu Saigon in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
spicy ramen

Visiting Tokyo’s Ramen Museum

Japan loves ramen so much that there's an entire museum dedicated to it -- the Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum. I love ramen so much that I visited the museum.
Angkor Wat

Finding Food at Angkor Wat

It's not easy finding good food at a decent price right at Angkor Wat, but it is possible...and delicious.
fish vietnam

Fishy Sidewalk in Halong

Finding dried fish being prepared on the busy sidewalk at Halong Bay.
fugu sashimi tokyo

The Foods That Tried to Kill Me

I had to go out and eat deadly fugu and some super spicy ramen (just to prove a point) while staying in Tokyo, Japan.