Italy and the Death of Diet

Perhaps this title is a bit hyperbolic; however, it fits my feelings about staying in Italy for a little over a month. More than anywhere else I’ve been, the temptation to gorge on foods that are generally unhealthy in such quantities is ever-present here.

italian cheese
Can I just live in the cheese section of the grocery store?

I was trying to lose some weight

After two months of losing weight in Korea (not to mention a bit of an effort at the end of my stay in Taiwan), I’ve come to Italy to face the temptation of all the foods that the country has to offer. Fortunately, with the high cost of eating out and my odd work hours, I’m forced to at least eat breakfast and lunch in my apartment, and I have managed to find healthy foods to cook in the limited space I have.

Cheese is everywhere in Italy

I knew I’d be tempted by the cheeses and cured meats that are so prevalent in Italy. I cut down on cheese for over six months before heading out on this adventure, and Asia lacks cheese, which means another nine months without that deliciousness.

italian food
That’s all for me, right?

Gelato beats the Italian summer heat

Italy is also home to some wonderful gelato. Some of what I had in Rome was good, but nothing exceptional — or at least good enough for me to want more all the time. I mostly wanted it because it’s hot walking around in late July and August. I was quite happy having a refreshing mojito gelato while walking around Florence two weeks ago. The other gelato I had the next day was overly sweet.

You mean I CAN’T eat all the gelato now?

That was until I discovered this little gelato shop in Perugia. I hate how businesses throw around “artisan,” but here it means something. This shop even makes its own gelato bars dipped in chocolate (the Nutella and coconut was wonderful) and gelato sandwiches. This shop is also much cheaper than the 5 or 6 euros some shops tried to charge in Florence–I only have to pay 2.50 euros for a medium cup. This is reason enough to visit Perugia.

perugia gelato
I have no idea what to get

Of course, it’s obvious that this is a university town when another gelato shop advertises cannabis-flavored gelato. Somehow I doubt it tastes good, but I may give it a try anyway.

Should I try it?
Should I try it?

Update: I tried the cannabis gelato. It tasted like vanilla ice cream while mowing the lawn.

Where have you been that offered too much culinary temptation to resist?

2 thoughts on “Italy and the Death of Diet”

  1. Oh gosh, everywhere I go offers too much culinary temptation! I often travel certain places just for the food! I would say that a recent trip to Guatemala was hard to resist temptation because everything was so cheap and delicious that all I wanted to do was eat!

    1. Central and South America have some hard-to-resist food. I wanted to eat more in Panama, but the heat kept me eating ceviche almost every day.

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