Breakfast with a View in Panama

My meals at Sierra Llorona Lodge outside Colon, Panama, were amazing. And the views from the back porch of the main house out into the more than 200 acres of private rainforest were just as wonderful — it was especially peaceful as I was the only guest the first morning.


Ida cooked everything for the guests (there was only one other while I was there). This particular breakfast consisted of oatmeal with fresh bananas, a tortilla topped with fresh fruit, and scrambled eggs. With my previous breakfasts in Panama City and this, I had four consecutive days of eggs, which I doubt my doctor would approve of (I’m currently forcing a low-cholesterol diet on myself).

The food at Sierra Llorona Lodge was so good that I was tempted to get cooking lessons from Ida. At least I asked her how to cook the yucca.

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