We All Scream for Beer Ice Cream

A variety of ice cream flavors from Snow King in Taipei
A variety of ice cream flavors from Snow King in Taipei

I’ll confess, I didn’t actually order beer ice cream in Taiwan. I guarantee, however, that should I move back to Taipei, I will try it. At the time, I was just distracted by the variety of flavors that sounded more appealing.

I ended up at 雪王冰淇淋 (literally: Snow King Ice Cream, not to be confused with Barney Gumble’s Plow King business) near Ximen with some friends before a film festival. I hadn’t planned on going to the festival because I wasn’t interested in seeing any movies until my friend mentioned that they were showing “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”–now how could I pass up on seeing that in Taipei? Unfortunately, my friends couldn’t get an extra ticket, but took me out for dinner and ice cream instead.

The flavors my friends ordered were brandy, pork floss, and the ever-boring green tea. I made the best decision of the group and ordered chili flavor. The chili ice cream had a nice little kick that was mellowed by the milk in the ice cream–it was a pleasant, refreshing flavor for a warm evening.

Menu from Snow King. Curry and wasabi ice cream?
Menu from Snow King. Curry and wasabi ice cream?

I still don’t know what possessed the one friend to order pork floss–it sounded disgusting and tasted like a frozen version of dry, salty pork. The brandy ice cream was disappointing–I expected it to have a slightly sweet flavor, but all we could taste was the alcohol. But it served as a warning to not order the baijiu-flavored ice cream next time, which was unlikely to happen anyway.

Getting drunk off the ice cream
Getting drunk off the ice cream

Snow King also has rose, sesame oil chicken, pig knuckle, and plum wine flavors. Which would you want to order?

2 thoughts on “We All Scream for Beer Ice Cream”

  1. Wow, those are some interesting flavors! Flavors like that could go in either direction for the deliciousness that is ice cream, sounds like this place didn’t totally pull through! I would go with plum wine, no doubt, it is my favorite drink, so must be tasty in ice cream!

    1. If I go back there, I’ll probably try plum wine, sesame oil chicken, or wasabi. If lived there for the summer, I’d definitely try more.

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