conveyor belt sushi

Taste of Tokyo

A sample of the foods that I can identify during my stay in Tokyo. Conveyor belt sushi, ramen, and okonomiyaki are included in this food tour.
tokyo seafood pancake

First Meals in Japan

A variety of tasty food that I got to sample in my first weeks in Tokyo, Japan. Gyoza, squid, curry, and who knows what I ate.
kimchi fried rice

Eating In: Kimchi Fried Rice

A while ago, my friend invited me to dinner at a Korean fusion restaurant. I ordered kimchi fried rice and immediately realized that it...

Feast at 15 Fox Place

An exquisite 10-course Italian dinner at 15 Fox Place in Jersey City, New Jersey.
nasi lemak boston

What to Eat in Boston

A selection of the best foods I ate in Boston, including some Malaysian food and a foie gras glazed jelly donut, and Xinjiang yang rou chuan.

Yankees Fan Goes to Boston

A Yankees fan's first impressions of Boston during July 4th weekend. A great hostel and some fireworks and beer.
jerk fish

Alligator Is Seafood, Right?

On Saturday, I joined my friends for the Belmar Seafood Festival. I haven't been to the Jersey Shore in a long time (a few...
chili festival

Jersey City Chili Cook-Off

Sunday was the Jersey City Chili Cook-Off at Grove St. PATH. I tried a lot of chili from a variety of cooks and restaurants.
lentil soup

Matt’s Money-Saving Tips: Healthy Eating

Just about every travel blogger has a post about saving money for travel or saving money while traveling. Most have some great suggestions, like...
Hoboken Pilsner Haus

Pilsner Haus Rules

A Friday night dinner of Austro-Hungarian food and beer at the Hoboken Pilsner Haus.
Bæjarins beztu pylsur hot dog stand

Fast Food in Iceland

A taste of the other culinary traditions of Iceland, including a hot dog from Bæjarins beztu pylsur and pizza that that impressed an east coaster.
smoked trout

Geothermal Baking at Fontana Spa in Iceland

Sampling Icelandic geothermal baked rye bread with smoked trout at Fontana Spa in Laugarvatn during a tour of the Golden Circle.
monkfish iceland

Thanks for All the Fish, Iceland

A sampling of the great restaurants Iceland has to offer, filled with plenty of fish and even smoked puffin breast.
chengdu china

Slithering into a New Year

The Chinese New Year is upon us! It's the year of the snake, which probably means that a lot of people in China will...
chinglish snack

Chinglish Snacks

My unhealthy fascination with unusual international snacks sometimes leads me to buy food based on Chinglish snack packages.