Fishy Sidewalk in Halong

The most important lesson I learned from traveling was to always have a camera ready because you never know when you’ll stumble across something interesting and worthy of a photo. On the bus ride to Halong Bay, I had my camera in my lap, hoping that I would catch something interesting along the road (there wasn’t much that I could get through the morning haze).drying-fish

As we exited the bus and walked to the port for our tour boat, I spotted a new sight on the sidewalk–drying fish. Alright, so drying fish on the sidewalk is nothing new to see–I’ve seen plenty of fish and other meats out to dry all over the world. This time, however, the fish was drying in the sun on top of a broken piece of styrofoam.

At least the styrofoam kept the fish off the dirty sidewalk. But I doubt it really made a difference with all the traffic going passed.

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