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Guarding the Journey

I admit it, I'm terrible at making travel plans. Between searching for alternatives and second-guessing my choices, I miss out on some deals and...
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Healthy Travels

We all want to maintain health while traveling--a trip to the hospital is sure way to ruin a vacation. But how can we ensure healthy travels?
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Inherent Dangers of Travel

Travel poses many obstacles and dangers. Plenty of travelers have been scammed or pick-pocketed in every country. And then there are those of us who encounter...
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Adventures in Bus Travel

In addition to my train travel adventures, I've taken a few long-distance bus trips. Some were tolerable, but others were absolutely miserable.
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The Importance of Expat Communities

For those of us who move abroad, even for shorter periods of time, expat communities can be an important part of adapting to life in a foreign country.
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Train Travel Adventures

I've taken quite a few trains around the world. Unfortunately, trains in the US lag behind those of other countries in terms of convenience and cost.
Sun Voyager Iceland

Conversations in Iceland

I enjoy having conversations with people when I travel, and I found some interesting people to talk with in Iceland.
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New Year, New Plans

Happy 2013! Now that we've all recovered from our New Year's hangovers, we can plan for the year and make those resolutions. Of course,...

Passport Eulogy

Saying goodbye to my expired passport with multiple visas, stamps, and extra pages.
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On Cultural and Religious Sensitivity

Travel -- mostly in Thailand, Malaysia, and China -- has taught me about religions and cultures and how to be more respectful.
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I Left China Before It Was Cool to Leave

Over the last couple weeks, blog posts have proclaimed, "I'm leaving China," mostly from long-term expats. I left China well before this exodus trend.
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Americans in China

Listening to NPR's This American Life featuring Americans in China reminded me that my China experience was different in some ways.
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Lessons from Living in China

After almost four years of living in China, I learned a lot about myself and life in general. Life in China was an important learning experience.
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How Many Steps to Travel?

I walk a lot when I travel. It's a great way to get to know a city. But I don't walk as much as Jean Béliveau who spent 11 years walking across the earth.
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Keeping It Green

Reflection on sustainability and green living on Earth Day and the impact of travel on the environment. How can we maintain a green lifestyle on the road?