Taiwanese Election Tanks

“I’ve had enough of reading things By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians All I want is the truth Just gimme some truth” -John Lennon, Just Gimme Some Truth I arrived in time for the political campaigns in Taiwan. There are campaign offices everywhere around the city and trucks driving around with loudspeakers telling people to vote …

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Protests and Police While Traveling

“And the riot squad they’re restless They need somewhere to go” – Bob Dylan, Desolation Row On this Monday morning I’m still catching up on the chaos in Hong Kong. The Occupy Central and pro-democracy movements came together on September 28, marching through the business districts in Central. The peaceful protest even attempted to leave …

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taipei protest

Taipei Protests, Part 3

On my way to find something new for dinner, I encountered yet another protest in Taipei. This is again related to the China-Taiwan cross-straits trade deal. If we count the anti-nuclear protest during my second week here, this would be the fourth the protest I’ve witnessed. Unlike the previous protests, this one seemed less organized, …

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I Just Flipped a Coin

Happy election day! Or, if you live in a swing state, I’m sorry about the last year, but it’ll soon be over. I actually enjoy discussing politics. The key word is discuss, not argue. And that’s exactly why I hate election season (that and it lasts about 12 months too long). Despite my distaste for …

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