Protest Marches on in Taipei

sunflower movement
The sunflower movement took to the streets on Sunday in Taipei

After stopping by the protests at Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan, I figured I probably wouldn’t see much more during my stay. I knew there were still protests going on around the government buildings — some professors are even holding classes for students at the protests.

Protesters marching down the street outside Peace Park
Protesters marching down the street outside Peace Park

Of course, it would help if I’d pay attention to announcements about such things going on in my current home.protest-march2On Sunday I headed to Peace Park and the National Taiwan Museum for a day out. When I exited the train at NTU Hospital Station, I was surprised to see so many people — and why were all these others taking pictures at the station? As I exited the station I was surrounded by people in black shirts holding sunflowers (the symbol of the protest movement) and police.

taipei protest
The friendly Taipei police are ready to stop you from going anywhere

Peace Park was mostly blocked off with intimidating temporary barbed wire barriers and police. Even some of the nearby streets were blocked off with the barriers.

taipei protest
Welcome to Peace Park

After I was finished with the National Museum, I headed back to the station to see what more was going on with all the protesters. The crowd had grown significantly and they were marching down the main street.

taipei protest
Guess I won’t have that relaxing walk through the park today

Estimates of the size of the crowd ran from 100,000 to 400,000 depending on which side of the argument you ask.

taipei protest
That can’t be good for business

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