Opening Doors to Travel

As some of my friends know, I’ve been trying to plan a getaway to Asia. The continent isn’t my first travel choice–there are other continents that I haven’t visited before. However, my current job is on east Asian hours, so this is the logical choice (fortunately, my boss doesn’t mind if I don’t live in the New York area). Now I’m looking through the doors to see all my options.

That's a lot of doorways
That’s a lot of doorways

Most of the time, I enjoy where I live–it’s fairly quiet and comfortable; sometimes this downtown area feels like a big small town. But after four years here, I’m about ready to move on, possibly taking up a vagabond lifestyle for a while. I can’t say I’ve ever lived out of a suitcase (well, maybe that semester in London would be close), but I wouldn’t mind doing so for a while.

Maybe I should step out of the temple
Maybe I should step out of the temple

Nothing is set yet. I could be gone a short time, or it might turn into permanent travels. I haven’t even decided where my first stop will be; I only know that I will have internet access so I can keep my job. The uncertainty that comes with long-term travel is exhilarating–anxiety of not knowing what’s next is beautiful and freeing. Organized chaos has always fascinated me, which is probably why I sometimes enjoyed watching traffic in China from a distance (I only hated it when I was in the middle of it).

At this stage, I’m open to suggestions for destinations or resources for finding short-term housing.

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