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10 Destinations for Every Kid

Not every kid is the same and not every destination list is what they need to see.
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Unshot Photos

My greatest travel regret is not taking more photos. Even now, with my digital camera, I don't take enough photos. Sometimes I'm just not...
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I Don’t Always Enjoy Getting Lost

It's easy to get lost when you don't follow the same path through Mont Royal in Montreal. And while I love getting lost while traveling, it can be tiring.
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Travel Lessons from The Simpsons

What I've learned about travel after 499 episodes of The Simpsons.
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Is It Really a Holiday?

Lonely Planet recently posted a statement for discussion: "Traveling to visit your family is not a holiday." This statement made me think about trips I've...
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On Getting Lost

For some, getting lost in a city is simple. For me, it's an art. These are my experiences of getting lost and the adventure of finding the way.