Unshot Photos

My greatest travel regret is not taking more photos. Even now, with my digital camera, I don’t take enough photos. Sometimes I’m just not quick enough at getting the camera out of my pocket.

In Panama, I was disappointed that I never got a shot of the diablos rojos–the colorfully painted American school buses that are used as public transportation. Every time I had my camera ready, I only saw boring ones. And I wasn’t quick enough to catch the most elaborately painted ones as they raced by.

The photo I most regret not taking is from the time before digital cameras. On my final night in Edinburgh, as I had a couple pints before boarding my bus back to London, I came across a curious sight.

Of all the places I should’ve taken a photo, it was in the men’s room of that Scottish pub. As I washed my hands, I couldn’t contain my laughter at the sight of a condom vending machine. It’s not that the presence of a condom vending machine itself was amusing, but rather the type of condom in the vending machine. It advertised “Scotch Whiskey flavored condoms.” That was enough to start the laughter, but it wasn’t the best part. Beneath that was a warning: “Do not use whilst driving.”

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