dublin ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It's St. Patrick's Day and the bars are already packed (at least, I assume so). The sun is shining and the spring temperatures have...
Del Water Gap

Hiking Season

Spring is almost here and the temperatures, though inconsistent, are rising. We had a couple 70-degree days this week, followed by a 20-degree drop....
funny photo

Unshot Photos

My greatest travel regret is not taking more photos. Even now, with my digital camera, I don't take enough photos. Sometimes I'm just not...
great wall of china

Useful Language

Learning some basics in any language can be useful. In Chinese, it's important to also learn some hand signals.
laguna beach

In the Warm California Sun

Yesterday was beautiful in the New York-New Jersey area. Even as I walked home late from work, I really didn't need the jacket I...
Luang Prabang Laos

Is It Spring Break Yet?

One of the advantages of teaching at a college is that I have more vacation time. Unfortunately, I don't work at a college that...
Panama City

Peaceful Forest; Busy City

A hike through the rainforest in Parque Natural Metropolitano within Panama City.
NY Times Travel Show

Lessons from the Travel Show

This weekend's New York Times Travel Show was a learning experience. It was my first travel trade show and I wasn't sure what to...

Passport to Censorship

Samantha Brown's show, Passport to Europe, was used as censorship for the US evening news in China.
bali statue

Monuments to the Gods

There's a lot to enjoy about Bali. I would have liked a longer vacation there, but the few days I had were enough to...
scapa scotch

Ode to My Scotch

The story of my favorite writing Scotch -- Scapa 12 year old single Orkney malt.
chinglish sign

Poetic Chinglish

Whether it's about an official government sign or just a restaurant menu, everyone who has been to China has stories of Chinglish.
bangkok bugs

Big Bug Man

Checking out the fried bug vendor and his free samples along Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.
pineapple thailand

Pineapple Anyone?

I traveled with my parents on my second trip to Bangkok--they wanted a few days in Thailand since it was a short flight from...
Mont Royal montreal

I Don’t Always Enjoy Getting Lost

It's easy to get lost when you don't follow the same path through Mont Royal in Montreal. And while I love getting lost while traveling, it can be tiring.