Later today I will take a short flight to Nova Scotia to visit Halifax for a few days. I’m sure to do plenty of walking and eating.

It was about a year ago that I took a very slow train ride to Montreal (is this the beginning of an annual trip to Canada?). I arrived as the sun was setting and walked to the old city from my hotel in search of dinner and a currency exchange that was open. Since there was no way to exchange money at that time, I found a restaurant that accepted U.S. dollars for a small fee–I was tired and hungry; I didn’t care.

Montreal City Hall
Montreal City Hall

I walked around for a while, tempted to stop in a bar for a beer but knew I couldn’t without Canadian dollars. Fortunately, I arrived for a fireworks festival and staked out a half-decent spot to watch with an obstructed view before heading back to the hotel to sleep.


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