I’ve seen plenty of animal crossing signs in my travels. Some are obvious and others are not. When I was 16 and traveling with my parents through New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, we came across a Bigfoot Crossing sign at Pike’s Peak (I’ll have to scan my old photos for that one). iguanas

I’m not sure why I was surprised by this one in Gamboa, Panama. Maybe it’s because I only saw one iguana from a distance during my trip. And that iguana was nowhere near a road. I came across this sign after my short hike with the biologists who thought it would be cool to play with a boa constrictor. Of course, had I found an iguana along the street, I probably would’ve wanted to play with it. This was the only wildlife crossing sign in Gamboa, despite the fact that I saw a coatimundi scurry across the street about 15 minutes after my arrival.


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