road angkor wat

Biking the Road Less Traveled in Angkor Wat

Biking on my last day in Siem Reap. I took a 40-mile bike ride on mostly empty roads around Angkor Wat and the Cambodian countryside.
patuxai south view

Touring Vientiane on a Bike

On my first full day in Vientiane, I decided to go biking through the capital city. While biking Vientiane made it easier to see more of the city, I should've been better prepared.
exchange place jersey city

Biking Jersey City

Sunday was the Bike JC ward tour. The 15-mile ride looped through all six wards of Jersey City--much of which I hadn't seen before--and...
Qixing Lake

Biking Taiwan’s East Coast

A long ride along Taiwan's eastern coastal bike path in Hualien that ended with sunburned hands and some wonderful scenery.
columbia trail

Biking Along the Columbia Trail in New Jersey

As the weather warmed up in New Jersey, I joined a group for a bike ride along the Columbia Trail. Afterwards, we stopped at Long Valley Brewpub for lunch and beer.
nam coc sampan

Paddling Through Nam Coc, Vietnam

A sampan ride through the mountains and caves of Nam Coc in northern Vietnam.
world trade center

Cycling Season

The inconsistency of the weather has made it difficult to go for bike rides around town (unless you count my daily commute). Yesterday was...
taitung obike

Painful oBike Ride in Taitung, Taiwan

In the small southern city of Taitung, I was determined to take a bike ride along the coast, but ran into some problems along the way, one being the oBike.
liberty state park

Story of a Bridge

Jersey City installed a new Liberty State Park bridge for pedestrians and bikes. It replaces the bridge washed away by Hurricane Sandy.
grand central

In the Summer Streets

August 4th marked the beginning of New York City's summer streets. Every Saturday during August, the city closes the streets between Foley Square by...
riverside park

YouBike on Taipei Riverside

Taking a long ride on the public share known as YouBike around Taipei's Keelung Riverfront Park and enjoying the views of the city.
kinkakuji kyoto

Painful Bike Ride to Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion

I took a painful bike ride to visit the golden pavilion at Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto. It was worth the ride, if only I had a better bike.