Finding Quiet Views in Hanoi at Trúc Bạch Lake

It’s not easy taking photos in Hanoi with the throngs of tourists and locals constantly getting in the frame. And even without all the people, it’s still difficult to get around the trees, power lines, and other obstructions. But, sometimes you can get lucky.

Truc Bach Lake
Quiet view of Truc Bach Lake from the cafe

On a walk to Trúc Bạch Lake and West Lake on my last weekend in Hanoi, I found a rather quiet street right along Trúc Bạch Lake on Tran Vu.

The street was had a pedestrian walk along the lake and plenty of cafes on the opposite side (I had a filling lunch of a huge plate of spring rolls for about $1.50). There was very little traffic on Tran Vu, which made sitting on the sidewalk for lunch even more pleasant — it was an oasis just outside the busy Old Quarter of the city.truc bach lake bike

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