For this week’s Friday photo, I have decided to post a picture of myself.

It was a more enjoyable ride than the bus.
It was a more enjoyable ride than the bus.

As you can see, I enjoy Ren & Stimpy so much that I joined the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen…though I don’t wear a kilt, I’m not Canadian, and this is a Chinese yak.

I paid 5 Yuan to have my picture taken on that yak along the roadside between Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou. If you’re wondering why the yak doesn’t look happy, it’s probably because I had been eating spicy yak jerky all week.


  1. […] The only worthwhile part of the smoke-filled bus through the winding mountain roads of Sichuan was the scenery. There were beautiful views of terraced fields, roadside villages, and rivers. The bus also stopped a couple times for bathroom breaks. At each of those stops, there were also some local vendors selling tasty treats like dried yak meat. On the way back, I even got to sit on a yak. […]


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