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Over the last few months, I’ve come away from the Super Buyrite with the same thing: a Ft. Collins Brewery Brewer’s Lunchbox. With more than 1000 beers to choose from at the store, this 12-pack expedites my decision-making process.

While I lived in Boulder, CO, for two years, I never tried anything from the Ft. Collins Brewery. I did, however, drink plenty of other beers from local breweries. I was almost always impressed by the quality and variety of beer brewed in Colorado.

Fort Collins beer
Delicious variety of beer from Fort Collins Brewery

When I moved back to New Jersey from China, I discovered that more than a few Colorado breweries were now being distributed in the area. I also noticed that some familiar breweries were now producing new beers. Of course, I often purchased these beers and was never disappointed.

At $15, I thought the Ft. Collins Brewer’s Lunchbox was a bargain, and I was right. With most craft beers selling for $9 or more per six-pack, I figured I was saving money with this one. I was also happy to find that each lunchbox contains six different beers (most variety packs have three or four).

My favorite from the Fort Collins Brewery pack is The Kidd, which is a black lager that has a pleasant smoky flavor to balance its mild chocolate malt. Not far behind that is the Chocolate Stout — I’m a sucker for smooth chocolate stouts. There’s also the Z Lager, which is a smoked amber, and the smokiness is much more prominent than in The Kidd. The other fine brews in the pack include the Red Banshee (a more floral and hoppy take on the red ale), Rocky Mountain IPA (a solid standard IPA), and Major Tom’s Pomegranate Wheat (a surprisingly flavorful brew considering I’ve never been a fan of fruit-flavored beer) or the 1900 Amber.

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