Last week I was on vacation in Italy. I met my parents in Rome and, after a few days of sightseeing, we headed to Capri for a wedding. In between, we stopped in Sorrento and took time to see Pompeiiperugia

While it was great to be on vacation and go sightseeing on consecutive days, I’m back to work. I took up short-term residence in the old university town of Perugia. Unfortunately, I’m still working on Hong Kong hours, which means I get to watch the sunrise during my lunchtime walk (if it would stop raining).

perugia alley
Typical alley around Perugia. I don’t know where they all lead

Perugia is a beautiful town in the mountains of Umbria–every building here is historic, including this hundreds of years old building in which I’m staying. There’s even a church around the corner that has a fresco by Raphael. I have managed to have a few moments of sunshine to grab photos of surrounding area and narrow alleyways.

Don't think I could get tired of this view anytime soon
Don’t think I could get tired of this view anytime soon

There will certainly be more weekend traveling while here–it’s only two hours to Florence and a few hours further to Venice. Unlike my other destinations, there won’t be as much time for interaction with locals on my work schedule.


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