Is It Spring Break Yet?

One of the advantages of teaching at a college is that I have more vacation time. Unfortunately, I don’t work at a college that pays adjuncts well, so I have to supplement my income with other jobs, like working in the college writing center. But, there is still more time to travel than when I worked at the newspaper.

At the moment every college student is looking forward to spring break, and instructors are just as enthusiastic about the upcoming break. We enjoy a break from the students just as much as the students enjoy a break from us. Of course, some of us use spring break to catch up on grading and whatnot (my goal is to be caught up before the break begins).

I have never done anything interesting for spring break. When I was in college, few of my friends went away, so I just drove home and relaxed with some meals with my parents. In grad school I couldn’t afford to go away–I spent my days writing and hoping for warmer weather so I could go hiking.

Today, I’ve run into a different problem (although it’s not exactly a problem): I’d like to go away, but I’m scheduled to work in the writing center during the break (yes, tutoring services are available even when classes aren’t in session). I like the idea of having some extra money to pay my bills, so I can’t complain about working. Plus, few students come in for tutoring when they don’t have class, which means I’ll have time to write or read.

Even though my spring break is replaced by work, I have a plan. I work longer hours early in the week so I don’t have to work on Fridays (except when the college has faculty development). This provides me with some long weekends for road and train trips out of the area. I’m already planning a few trips to nearby breweries with friends. We’ll see if I can get to one during spring break.

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