It’s St. Patrick’s Day and the bars are already packed (at least, I assume so). The sun is shining and the spring temperatures have returned, which is a dangerous mix for a holiday that most celebrate as a reason to get drunk. When I lived in Boulder, everyone wanted to watch the world’s shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade–so short that they did it twice.

I don’t have plans this year. I’ll probably cook corned beef and go out to a bar later. I was tempted to purchase some Irish beer yesterday, but realized that I don’t care enough–besides, the American microbrews taste better than the limited variety of the Emerald Isle.

When I studied in London for a semester, I was excited about my three-day journey to Dublin. I got recommendations from some Northern Irish friends, which a few locals told me to skip after reviewing my list. Of course, I kept the Book of Kells and Guinness Brewery on my must-see list for the long weekend.

Dublin on one of the few sunny days

I quickly realized that Irish either have the worst sense of direction or enjoy practical jokes (or both). I deliberately chose my accommodation because it was across from Parnell Square on O’Connell Street. I figured it was an easy location in case I got lost. Unfortunately, most people I asked couldn’t direct me to the widest street in the city.

After getting so lost on my first day that I somehow ended up at the pub at which I first asked for directions back to Parnell Square, I decided on another method of finding my way around Dublin. For the rest of my time, I asked for directions to the River Liffey. I knew that if I found the river, I could find the bridge and O’Connell St.

Despite the lack of useful directions from locals, I enjoyed my weekend in Dublin. It was sunny and cool–probably just a little cooler than today–and the people were a lot of fun to talk with. And no matter how lost I got, I always found where I wanted to go–even if I arrived much later than intended.

Unfortunately, all my photos of Dublin are on film and I haven’t had the opportunity to scan all those old pictures. Once I have those scanned, I’ll have many more travel tales to tell.


  1. Oh Dublin. You should go back. We should all go back. Rain and clouds be damned, there’s nothing like a Guinness and an Irish accent to cheer up your day.


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