Relaxing at Casa Luna in San Miguel de Allende

My stay in San Miguel de Allende did not go as planned. It was supposed to be three days of eating, drinking, and wandering around. It turned into hiding in my hotel and drinking electrolyte drinks because I was painfully ill.

san miguel de allende
The streets of San Miguel de Allende made me feel a little better

It wasn’t such a bad decision to continue on my way to San Miguel despite illness — there isn’t a lot to do in the city, so I didn’t miss out on much beyond all the food (I was well enough to wander the beautiful streets a bit). And the comfort of my hotel certainly helped my recovery (though I wish it had been closer to a pharmacy or grocery store).

Casa Luna
The entrance to Casa Luna

It was a short, bumpy taxi ride from the bus station to Casa Luna — the cobblestone streets don’t make for a smooth journey, and my stomach did not like it. I was buzzed in through the gate and welcomed with a long alleyway lined with local flora. At 2 pm my room was not ready, which did not please me as I wanted nothing more than to sleep. Fortunately, after a walk to the pharmacy for an electrolyte drink the room was ready for me — and it was a large comfortable room.

casa luna room
The most comfortable bed during my stay in Mexico

The bed was plush, and the air was cool despite no air conditioning or a fan. It was a great start to my official stay and recuperation. I went to sleep for the rest of the afternoon, and only went out again for more water and an attempted look around town.

casa luna bathroom
This is the nicest bathroom I’ve had while traveling

While Casa Luna did not have a bidet like my Mexico City hotel bathroom, it did have an impressive bathroom. I never thought I’d take a picture of a hotel bathroom, but I had to prove that there is a tile bathtub set into the floor and the dual faucet fixtures are whales (why whales so far from the sea, I have no idea?).

casa luna faucet
Is the faucet a whale?

The next morning, I attempted to have breakfast in the courtyard. I would’ve loved to devour the chilaquiles, but decided it would be risky with my stomach, so I settled on scrambled eggs and chorizo with some fresh fruit and lemongrass tea. It was still a struggle to eat, but I knew I needed it. I had the same thing the following morning, but skipped breakfast the morning before my long bus ride back to Mexico City.

casa luna hotel mexico
This place feels so peaceful

Had I been feeling better, I would’ve taken full advantage of the lush courtyard. It would’ve been a great place to sit and read with a beer or some mezcal. Alas, I had to scuttle that plan. I may not have been feeling well during my stay, but this hotel (and San Miguel de Allende) provided me with a great atmosphere to recover enough for the remainder of my trip.

casa luna hotel
I would’ve loved to spend hours here with some mezcal and a book

My only real complaint about Casa Luna is that I thought the room included breakfast, but it turned out that I had to pay extra upon checkout. It wasn’t much, so it wasn’t really a problem, but I would’ve preferred spending that money on a better breakfast that my stomach wouldn’t allow me to eat during my stay.

There was also the matter of construction next door that sounded like they were using Thor’s hammer for the entire day starting at 7 am, but that was not the hotel’s fault. I would definitely return to Casa Luna in a year or so when that construction is complete.

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