Views from Capri, Italy

Capri is not on most Italian vacation itineraries, mostly because it is prohibitively expensive. I was only there because I was attending a wedding (if my parents hadn’t paid for the hotel, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go).


Most people stay in the quaint town of Sorrento or nearby Naples and take a day-trip to Capri — they wander the streets and eat overpriced food before taking crowded cruises around the island on their way to the Blue Grotto for 13 euros per person, plus tip. If it wasn’t for the natural beauty of the island, this would all be rather disappointing.


While my parents woke up early to take a tour of the island with my aunts and uncles — a tour I wasn’t particularly interested in joining or waking up for because of jetlag — I headed out on my own. I wandered through the empty streets that led away from the main square filled with tourists (and Lionel Messi, as I was later informed). The main touristy square did provide some wonderful views of Capri, but I had to wait for my turn to squeeze in and take my pictures.

I wandered past elaborate gardens and walls that hid the houses of Capri from prying eyes of curious wanderers such as myself. I gazed out over rooftops toward the cliffs and sea–it was beautiful set against the bright sky and high clouds.


In the oppressive heat, though not as bad as it was in Rome, and along the hills I grew fatigued. My desire to see more of Capri was outweighed by my desire to sleep and conserve energy for the evening’s festivities with family.


There was more to see around the island — particularly a mountainous peak I never got to climb for a view — that will have to wait until I make a fortune for a return journey.

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