Taking Time to Look Up

Since movie back to the New York-New Jersey area, I’ve rediscovered the joys of being a tourist of sorts in the city. I took New York City for granted when I was growing up in the suburbs. Now, I’ve begun to see it in a new light. Of course, sometimes I see the city with the help of friends who actually want to see the tourist attractions.

There is great beauty in New York’s architecture. I enjoy staring at the buildings, both new and old–viewing the contrast of time periods all at once.EmpireStateBuilding

Today, as I left an interview near Penn Station, I looked up and saw the Empire State Building hiding behind others. Fortunately, I had the camera on my phone to capture this shot (and little editing in Instagram).

1 thought on “Taking Time to Look Up”

  1. There is definitely a lot to be said for seeing an old hometown with fresh eyes – I moved back to Perth (W Australia) after 5.5 years abroad, plus brought a foreign husband back with me – it was practically like seeing it for the first time.

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