Put That Chardonnay in Your Pipe and Smoke It

Ever wonder what wine would pair well with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon? No, I’m not talking about those Wine’s That Rock (I tasted one of them and it was awful).

It appears some wineries in California are infusing their wines with cannabis. There is no word on which brands are offering the pot wine, or even if they’re being sold outside the wineries. Nonetheless, hippies who want to act sophisticated at a party now have something to drink. It’s also perfect for the yuppie who doesn’t want to admit that he still smokes.

It reminds me of another terrible wine I had back when I was a poor college student. The wine claimed to contain hints of leather and tobacco, which explained why it tasted like I drank a smoked shoe. Marijuana in wine might add a slightly better flavor and aroma than that wine from college, but it’ll probably have a greater effect on short-term memory.

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