Nothing Bare About This Burger

The Sliders
The Sliders

Last Friday, I headed into Manhattan for a going-away dinner–my friends are moving back to Hong Kong and I’m a little jealous. They decided that we should eat at Bareburger near Washington Square Park.

Bareburger is an organic chain restaurant with locations throughout New York City. Despite the organic label, it’s reasonably priced–burgers are less than $15. To set itself apart from other organic burger joints, Bareburger serves a variety of meat options that include elk, bison, wild boar, and ostrich (and I’ve eaten all four at other restaurants in the U.S.).

Since there were 12 of us, my friends decided it was best if we ordered some appetizers–fries, onion rings, and fried butter pickle slices–and a variety of sliders (3 for ~$10 depending on meat). A couple people ordered non-burger items. Even with all the food we ordered, I had to order one extra burger because it was too tempting to pass up: The Ruby.

Best burger I've ever eaten
Best burger I’ve ever eaten

The Ruby (I got mine with elk) is topped with havarti, pastrami, bacon, fried pickles, apple smoked onions, and horseradish mayo. It’s a big burger without all the extras, so this was quite a mouthful. The combination of textures and flavors was amazing; it was the best burger I’ve ever had. It was so good that I had to stop after the first bite to let my taste buds adjust.

To top it all off, Bareburger serves a great selection of beer from Wolaver’s organic brews and Sixpoint. They also serve organic wine for $25/bottle.

At the end of our meal we weren’t surprised by the total on the bill, but we were fascinated by the physical length of it. The receipt must have been about two feet long.

3 thoughts on “Nothing Bare About This Burger”

  1. I am literally drooling looking at those photos!!

    There seems to be a wave of fried pickles sweeping London right now, and i can see why!


    1. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy the fried pickles, but they were awesome. Nice combination of sweet and salty with the crispy fried batter.

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