Lessons from Utility Workers in Vietnam

I know that things are getting tougher
When you can’t get the top off from the bottom of the barrel.
Operation Ivy, Knowledge

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out where to go and what to do. I’ve been struggling with where to take my career–the dearth of quality jobs available in places I’d feel comfortable certainly doesn’t make life easier. But then life isn’t supposed to be all that easy. I know it could be more complicated.saigon-utility-work

Searching for jobs while living abroad isn’t as exciting as most people think. Job postings can be hit and miss (more often miss). The choices I have and the process that I have to endure reminds me of the utility workers I saw around Vietnam. I still don’t know how they can figure out which wire goes where in that mess–I wouldn’t be surprised if they made mistakes often (might explain the power outages). I saw utility workers fiddling about with larger messes than what’s in this picture, but this was the only clear shot I could get.

How do you simplify your choices? Or is it better to just try everything and hope it works?

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