Company Outings in Shenzhen

Companies and schools in China seem to enjoy having outings for employees. They see it as a morale booster, even though plenty of employees see it as forced fun. I went out on a few with the schools for which I worked–some were sponsored by other companies or government agencies, but a few were planned just for the school.

At the end of my second year, I worked for an English learning center for adults. During the international labor day holiday in May, the school arranged a bus to take the staff to Dameisha–the major tourist beach on the other side of Shenzhen. It took almost two hours to get there. dameisha_factory_bbq

We weren’t the only ones there to enjoy the day at the beach. A local factory also had a company outing, complete with an early evening barbecue. I didn’t eat much at the barbecue since none of the food was kept in a cooler.

In the background of what looks like a landfill is a five-star Sheraton hotel.

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