Chinglish Snacks

I have an unhealthy fascination with unusual snack foods from around the world. A while back I found this interesting snack at the Asian market. It’s a Taiwanese snack that tasted pretty bad–stale crackers with a hint of soy sauce. Fortunately, it only cost me $1.49.


How many things are wrong with this package?

2 thoughts on “Chinglish Snacks”

  1. haha why did they put the girl with that expression? she even looked ashamed of being on it, from that brand once I tried the “Mexican flavor”, since I’m Mexican I decided to give it a try… nothing memorable.

    1. They have a Mexican flavor? I didn’t see those when I found more from the brand at H-Mart. Wonder if it’s anything like the American turkey flavor Cheetos I tried in China.

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