Waiting for Spring in Jiuzhaigou

The weather is finally starting to warm up around here. And by warm up, I mean that it’s no longer snowing and freezing. It makes me reminisce about spring trips in the past — not that I had too many (I never went on spring break in college).

My first big spring trip was to Sichuan Province during my first year in China. It was hot enough to wear shorts in Chengdu in the first week of May, but I needed a warm coat when I headed for the Tibetan regions in the north. Even the rain and cooler temperatures in Jiuzhaigou didn’t dampen my spirits — the beauty of the landscape was well worth the trip in any weather.shuzheng village jiuzhaigou

The best part of being in Jiuzhaigou was walking away from the main road to escape the crowds. Heading deep into Shuzheng Village provided a great view.

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