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It’s spring break in New Jersey — for some reason, my college’s break begins on a Friday, so anyone who has class on Fridays will have to return next Friday, thus losing out on the extra weekend that usually accompanies spring break. Fortunately, my schedule is Monday through Thursday. Nonetheless, I have to work all week in the writing center rather than take a trip away from New Jersey.

Stupas outside Shuzheng Village in Jiuzhaigou
Stupas outside Shuzheng Village in Jiuzhaigou

Back in China, spring break didn’t arrive until the first week of May. Of course, the semester also didn’t begin until the end of February. During my first May holiday, I took a trip to Sichuan province — the goal was to head north into the Tibetan region of Huanglong Valley and Jiuzhaigou National Park.

I learned an important lesson that year: never travel during a national holiday. All the popular destinations are packed with tourists because the whole country has the week off. Despite the overwhelming crowds, Jiuzhaigou was beautiful.

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