Sayonara, Japan

Tomorrow morning I say goodbye to Tokyo and Japan for a while. I’ve already decided that I want to return when the weather warms up (I didn’t expect to stay this long and didn’t pack appropriate cold-weather clothes). I will head out for Vietnam for a few months — the first stop will be Hanoi, which is just going to be wet, according to weather reports. I have a free VPN set up to navigate around internet censorship, and I have a backup paid option just in case.

The view of Tokyo from Shinjuku Park
The view of Tokyo from Shinjuku Park

As much as I’m sure I’ll enjoy Vietnam (especially the food), I’m still glad my first stop on this journey was Japan. It’s not often that I make specific plans to return to one place, especially not to the same city, but such was my time here.

If anyone has a recommendation for my time in Vietnam, feel free to leave a comment. I haven’t planned much my trip yet, but I’ll have all next week during work hours to find exciting things to do.

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