Rooftop View in Taipei

The views around Taipei weren’t always the best — the pollution often obscured the views. I usually had some decent views while on hikes, especially around Xiangshan, but even those days didn’t provide the best view

Most visitors head up Taipei 101 for the highest view of the city, but that view misses the point — you don’t get to see the tallest building in Taipei while you’re in it.

During my final few months in Taiwan, one of my friends hosted a small going-away party (for her, not me). It was in my first Taipei neighborhood, down the alleys full of “special” Japanese bars — but the neighborhood had changed slightly with a few new buildings and nice restaurants on the corners. She had a quaint apartment that couldn’t accommodate much of a party, but as it was a mild day we headed to the rooftop to enjoy our drinks and snacks before taiwan

We were fortunate enough to have a clear day to enjoy the view from the rooftop. Of course, from the neighborhood around Linsen Park, the more attractive architecture of Xinyi District was far off — even Taipei 101 was off in the distance.

taipei view
Taipei 101 off in the distance just before sunset

It would’ve been a wonderful view for evening with the lights of the city, but it was windy which made the early evening a little cold (an anomaly for the time of year). Plus, there was no light on the rooftop to stay out there too late.

taipei rooftop
We didn’t stay out too long after this

We all took our pictures of Taipei, grabbed our drinks and snacks, and headed back to my friend’s apartment. This was the best view of Taipei I had during my time in the city.

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