Relaxing on a Chinese Lake

There’s plenty of China bashing going around in American politics–it just continues to grow. And while there is plenty to dislike about the way the country is run, much of the political criticism isn’t rightfully deserved (especially when considering the messenger).

When we travel abroad, we don’t agree with everything about our host country. But, we continuously search for what is worthwhile–the people, the scenery, the food. Countries like China aren’t the enemy–they’re being used to distract the electorate from more serious domestic issues. dinghu china

Today, I’d like to remind my readers of what is beautiful in China. This week’s photo is from Dinghu Lake (which is a little redundant as “hu” means lake) in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province.

Zhaoqing is a small city outside Guangzhou–the Pabst brewery is there. And the park surrounding Dinghu Lake is the reason most tourists visit Zhaoqing (that, and getting out of crowded cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen). Unfortunately, I visited during the October holiday when it was still rather hot and humid, but it was still an enjoyable day.

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