Recalling the Rockies

Last night I got news from grad school classmates that Boulder, CO, was mostly under water. Flash floods turned Boulder Creek into a much more dangerous river–and some streets ended up resembling that same creek. I’m fairly certain that the first apartment I rented in the town is now flooded; the second apartment might also be under water.Rockies

Photos I’ve seen online from the Denver Post as well as those my friend posted to Facebook are rather frightening. Fortunately, the people I keep in touch with are all safe.rockies-winter_0002

I decided to go through my old photos, from before I owned a digital camera, and remember the days in the mountains. I couldn’t seem to find my photos from hikes up Mt. Sanitas, overlooking Boulder, but I did find plenty from days in Rocky Mountain National Park. These are all from separate trips: my first time in the park with my parents when I first moved to Boulder, an early spring drive into the park, and a rugged hike up 13,500 ft for which I was not quite prepared.rockies2_0003

For those readers living in the flooded areas of Colorado, I hope you stay safe. I miss the days of living in Boulder and hope to get back there.

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