departed soles

Brewery Adventures: Departed Soles in Jersey City

A visit to Jersey City's only brewery and tasting room: Departed Soles Brewing Co. The brewery specializes in gluten-free beer.

Difficulty in Writing History at Teotihuacan

It's important to learn the history of the places we visit, but the history of Teotihuacan in Mexico is not entirely known.

Traveler Reads: The Unwanted by Kien Nguyen

Kien Nguyen's memoir The Unwanted reminds readers of the struggles many faced to survive following the fall of Saigon.
taipei view

Rooftop View in Taipei

The view from a rooftop in Taipei can be wonderful when the weather is clear, and I was fortunate enough to get treated to such a view.
solo travel destinations

Best Solo Travel Destinations

There are a lot of great places to travel on your own. Here are some of my favorite solo travel destinations.
sala gastronomica

Eating Around Mexico City

I didn't get to eat nearly as much food in Mexico City as I had planned, but I found some amazing cuisine that makes me want to return.

Finding Friendship on the Road

Solo travel can be a lonesome experience, but traveling alone doesn't have to be lonely, even for the introverted explorer.

Led by a Local: My Tour of Mexico City

I met up with a friend in Mexico City for a local's tour. We went to some must-visit sites and stopped off for drinks and amazing food.

Art and Wandering in Washington, DC

On a weekend trip through Washington, DC, I planned to wander through a few art museums to enjoy a bit of culture on offer in the nation's capital.
casa luna hotel mexico

Relaxing at Casa Luna in San Miguel de Allende

A stay at boutique hotel Casa Luna in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, was just what I needed for a relaxing few days to recover from illness.
revolution monument mexico

First Impressions of Mexico

Impressions of Mexico (mostly Mexico City) after spending some time wandering through the streets and visiting and the sights.
luang prabang solo travel

Thoughts on Traveling Solo

Not everyone wants to travel alone, but solo travel can be freeing and fun. There are some ways to make the experience better and less lonely.
seoul money museum

The Road to Avoiding Foreign Currency Exchange Fees

Dealing with foreign transactions can be a headache for some travelers, but with a little preparation and research, it shouldn't be a problem.
bukchan seoul

Sidewalks and Alleyways in Seoul

What better way to see Seoul than by walking endless miles along the sidewalks to experience the food and beauty of the city.

Final Rainy Hike in Yangmingshan, Taiwan

For my final journey through Taiwan's Yangmingshan National Park, my luck with the weather did not change. It was a wet hike as a memory.