Pinkest Church in Town

While walking around my neighborhood in Saigon, I came across one building that stood out: Nha Tho Tan Dinh. This Catholic church was the brightest building in the area. Aside from the huge new skyscrapers in the more luxurious parts of District 1, this was the brightest building in the city. I walked past this church often as it was on my way to Tan Dinh Market on Hai Ba Trung.Nha Tho Tan Dinh

This church is so pink that it looks like it belongs in Barbie set.Nha Tho Tan Dinh

Even the inside of the church was pink.

Nha Tho Tan Dinh
Unfortunately, the only time I got inside the church I had my cellphone and not my good camera

I’ve seen some colorful churches before in Panama, but nothing that stood out quite like Nha Tho Tan Dinh. It wasn’t easy taking photos of this church with the traffic on the street and the tangle of wires above. To avoid such interference in the pictures, I had to use angles that didn’t capture as much of the building as I would like.

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