A Parade in Taipei

After my visit to Longshan Temple last Sunday, I wandered around the city. I figured there were other nearby temples and a riverfront park, which I couldn’t seem to find.temple parade taipei

As I wandered, I came across some sort of parade. I saw the dragon dance and plenty of firecrackers. There were some costumes that made me think this had something to do with Taoist traditions.

temple parade taipei
Just waiting for the parade to get moving

Then I saw the trucks covered in graffiti and playing club music. And the girls on the back pole dancing. Well, they weren’t so much dancing as they were posing for photos. I was just confused.

pole dancer taipei
There were three trucks like this

I decided it was best to not ask questions; just take a few photos and walk along. Made me think about the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.temple pole dancer taipei

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