Monuments to the Gods

There’s a lot to enjoy about Bali. I would have liked a longer vacation there, but the few days I had were enough to inspire me. The weather was perfect–clear skies, low humidity, and a constant cooling breeze. Unfortunately, I was on a tour because it was cheaper than traveling on my own (I’m still confused how that was possible). But I did get one full day to explore on my own.Street_statue

Although the tour wasn’t very good–too many bad restaurants and shopping stops–, I managed to make the best of the situation. One of sights that impressed me while touring around in the bus was the various statues to Hindu gods along the roads.

Of course, we didn’t have bus windows that opened for better photos, and our tour never stopped anywhere close enough to grab a decent photo. However, I did get a few through the bus windows–and the glare adds a little more beauty to the artistry of the statue. It appears that the light is shining down on this god as he wrestles a serpent.

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