Fluttering in Panama

I enjoyed the pace of Panama–it was very relaxing (especially while I lounged in a hammock in Sierra Llorona). I was often awakened from a brief hammock nap by the sound of hummingbirds–I didn’t realize how loud they could be. I’ve seen plenty of them before, but I’ve never been as close to them as I was in Panama. And I was never before able to take a decent photo of one.hummingbird

I took this hummingbird photo in Gamboa. I was waiting for my Diablo Rojo to take me back to Panama City for about two hours. Fortunately, I was invited to hang out at a house across the street that was being rented by a couple from Budapest. They were very friendly and talkative. Most importantly for me, the front of the house was in the shade and the bus stop in boiling in the sun.

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