Escape to CA

I just returned from a short trip to southern California. I was about to make a Friday photo post before I left, but there was a massive attack on WordPress-based websites last week and my host, Omnis, shut down access to all WordPress-based sites. It was annoying, but at least Omnis made the right move to prevent damage to sites — something I doubt my previous host would have done. But now I can post a couple photos from California.Laguna3

It felt good to get out of New Jersey and the cold early spring. I figured I’d at least get to relax in the warm sun while visiting family, but I was wrong. It wasn’t much warmer than New Jersey. I still got to spend a little time at the beach when the sun came out on Sunday afternoon.lagunabeach

It would’ve been better if I had clearer weather to enjoy the view from my cousin’s house. This view definitely made me want to move to southern California — if only I didn’t have to have a car out there.lagunaNiguel

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