pineapple thailand

Pineapple Anyone?

I traveled with my parents on my second trip to Bangkok--they wanted a few days in Thailand since it was a short flight from...
Mont Royal montreal

I Don’t Always Enjoy Getting Lost

It's easy to get lost when you don't follow the same path through Mont Royal in Montreal. And while I love getting lost while traveling, it can be tiring.
amador causeway

Walking Amador Causeway

A walking tour of the Amador Causeway in Panama City on the way back to Casco Viejo with a stop at Mi Ranchito for ceviche and a view.
halifax airport

Travel Lessons from The Simpsons

What I've learned about travel after 499 episodes of The Simpsons.
mekong river

Impressive Résumé

Reflection on the life of John Fairfax, the only man to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo in a rowboat.
melaka malaysia

River View, Malaysia

A view of Malacca, Malaysia, from the Renaissance Hotel.
miraflores locks

Counting Cargo at the Panama Canal

A journey to the Panama Canal at the Miraflores Locks to watch the ships pass through early in the day while enjoying a beer.
Laguna Beach

Is It Really a Holiday?

Lonely Planet recently posted a statement for discussion: "Traveling to visit your family is not a holiday." This statement made me think about trips I've...

Hunger for Alleyways

Wandering through alleys in Macau leading to Dragon Mama Cuisine, a wonderful noodle shop.
old montreal

On Getting Lost

For some, getting lost in a city is simple. For me, it's an art. These are my experiences of getting lost and the adventure of finding the way.
Fort Collins beer

Tasty Variety of Beer

Enjoying the tasty variety of the Ft Collins Brewery Brewer's Lunchbox, including a black lager, chocolate stout, IPA, smoked amber, and red ale.
old montreal street

Quiet Streets

Finding quiet streets in Old Montreal before the tourist crowds arrive.

Off the Trail in Gamboa, Panama

Hiking in the rainforest around Gamboa, Panama, with a couple of vacationing biologists I met at the hostel.
beer in taipei

Coffee Shop Beer

The liquor store down the street from me has a wonderful selection of beer, wine, and spirits (I know because I used to work...


This is the first of what I hope to be many Friday Photo posts. This one comes with a longer story than most will. A...