Gone Fishin’

I’m getting ready to embark on yet another adventure. Because my job allows me to work from home, I’m moving, but not in the traditional sense. I’m heading out of my apartment here in Jersey City and flying to Asia. The first stop is Tokyo, and I have no immediate plans–I only have an apartment there for a month. The only plan I have is to move around often for the next year and see many countries/cities that I haven’t already seen.

Mmm...tasty fish in Juneau
Mmm…tasty fish in Juneau

Before leaving, I went through my old non-digital photos and began scanning some of them. This one is from a trip to Alaska back in 2004. That 10 lbs. of salmon was smoked and shipped to me in Colorado–and it tasted great. I don’t know if I’ll get to go fishing on this next trip, but who knows–maybe I’ll find myself on a sushi boat in Japan.

Hold on, folks, I’m sure to have plenty of photos and stories from this next little trip.

And if you have any suggestions for the next year’s travel, please share them. Or, if you’re somewhere in Asia and want to meet for drinks and/or adventures, let me know.

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